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Welcome to the School of Healing Touch! 

The School of Healing Touch students learn to be successful massage therapists using techniques based on safe practices and professional integrity, under the direction of highly qualified staff. Being a massage therapist gives one the opportunity to work closely with people, gaining satisfaction when helping them with gifts of touch. Graduates may have the opportunity to work closely with doctors and others in the Health profession. It is a rewarding profession where one can really help others while growing in a exciting career of one's own.

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We take the utmost pride in its dedication to teaching. The school is one of the few which offers spa therapy and massage therapy between the students and faculty, and we are an official long-standing member of the American Massage Therapy Association.

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As of January 2010, the School of Healing Touch is officially approved by the State of California's Employment Development Department as an Eligible Training Provider. We therefore provide customer-focused employment training for adults and dislocated workers.

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School of Healing Touch

To see if you qualify for up to $5,000 educational grant, please visit: etpl.edd.ca.gov for more information. Our approval codes are as follows: Spa and Massage Therapy 513501120100, Massage Therapy 513501120101, and Prenatal Massage Therapy 513501120102.

Please be sure to contact us if you have questions about our programs. You can use one of the online registration forms to register and experience the rewards of this profession today:

***Registration form for foreign students.***
***Registration form for US (domestic) students.***

The School of Healing Touch is pleased to announce that it will be offering spa and massage therapy courses in multiple foreign languages including: Persian/Farsi, Afgani/Dari, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, and Romanian! Furthermore, the school also offers a full tutoring program for English learners through Tutoring for Excellence which is located in the same facility, www.parexcellenceamgcommunications.com.

If you are currently a massage therapist, you can also enroll in our continuing education program.
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